AzCATI Research Interests

A world of possibilities

The Arizona Center for Algae Technology and Innovation (AZCATI) is housed at Arizona State University’s Polytechnic Campus and is part of the Fulton Schools of Engineering. 

AzCATI serves as a national algae testbed to accelerate the advancement of algae technology development and commercialization through innovative research, education, and collaboration.

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Sharing High Impact Data

Core to AzCATI’s mission is the sharing of data from our Department of Energy  (DOE) funded long-term cultivation trials. Under ATP3 and other DOE funded projects we have set the standard for the acquisition of high quality cultivation data and proximate analysis to help inform the current state-of-technology for algal based biotechnology.

Serving the algae industry
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Strain Identification & Isolation

Isolate specific strains and provide unialgal, or axenic cultures for clients that have issues with mixed or contaminated cultures.

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Biomass Production & Supply

Supply biomass production and culture maintenance services to industry and academic customers from laboratory to pre-commercial scale, including genetically engineered strains. Extensive experience conducting outdoor cultivation trials and GMO-TERA application support.

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Analytical Services

Provide analytical services to measure microalgae growth, biochemical composition  and water (culture media) quality characteristics.

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Equipment Testing

Our testbed is equipped with existing infrastructure for plug-n-play testing of algae cultivation systems, harvesting and dewatering pilot equipment, and other algae innovations.

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Education & Training

We offer courses ranging from basic algae taxonomy and physiology to in-depth, hands-on training using advanced analytical techniques and data analytics for improved operations.

Connect and collaborate
AzCATI test bed

AzCATI has an extensive network of collaborators both within and outside of ASU with partners offering access to wide range of expertise, research capacity and high quality services.

Core research areas at ASU/AzCATI include

  • Bioprospecting, algal taxonomy and physiology
  • DNA-based strain-typing services
  • Algal consortia
  • Carbon capture and utilization
  • Water and wastewater treatment
  • Acidophilic red algae for multi trophic production of biomass and valuable co-products
  • Novel sensor development for water quality and process monitoring
  • Biomass extraction and conversion
  • Long term cultivation studies and crop protection
  • Process integration and system scale-up
  • Technoeconomic analysis and life cycle assessment