Jerilyn Timlin

Distinguished Member of the Technical Staff - Bioenergy and Defense Technologies Department - Sandia National Laboratories
Ph.D., Chemistry, University of Michigan

Dr. Timlin has 20+ years’ experience in developing and applying advanced spectroscopy, microscopy, spectroscopic imaging, and analysis methods to understand complex relationships and dynamics in multi-component biological systems – systems relevant to both emerging infectious disease and bioenergy/biofuels and spanning multiple spatial scales.

Recent applications in bioenergy include localization of photosynthetic pigments and proteins with highly overlapped spectral properties in living individual cyanobacteria, algae and plant cells and discovery of spectroscopic markers for algal health and productivity in biofuels relevant strains. She has provided technical contribution and leadership for several projects to develop and deploy Sandia’s hyperspectral reflectance monitoring approach to assess algal biomass, growth state, and the detection of pond pests.

Project Responsibilities
  • Serves as POC coordinating research activities in the area of spectroradiometric monitoring
  • Extension of spectroradiometric monitoring to the early warning detection of pond pests with subsequent 24/7 continuous assessment of cultures in SNL/CA’s Algae Raceway Testbed.
Featured Publications

Murton, J, Nagarajan, A, Nguyen, AY, Liberton, M, Hancock, H, Pakrasi, HB and Timlin, JA, "Population level coordination of pigment response in individual cyanobacterial cells under altered nitrogen levels," Photosynthesis Research, 134:2, 165-174, 2017.

Majumder, EL-W, Wolf, BM, Liu, H, Berg, RH, Timlin, JA, Chen, M and Blankenship, RE, "Subcellular pigment distribution is altered under far red light acclimation in cyanobacteria that contain chlorophyll f " Photosynthesis Research, 134:2, 183-192, 2017.

MacGregor-Chatwina, C, Sener, M, Barnett, SFH, Hitchcock, A, Barnhart-Dailey, MC, Maghlaoui, K, Barber, J, Timlin, JA, Schulten, K and Hunter, CN, "Lateral segregation of photosystem i in cyanobacterial thylakoids," The Plant Cell, 29:6, 1119-1136, 2017.

Hanson DT, Collins AM, Jones HDT, Roesgen J, Lopez-Nieves S, Timlin JA, “On-line stable isotope gas exchange reveals an inducible but leaky carbon concentrating mechanism in Nannochloropsis salina,” Photosynthesis Research, 121, 311-322, 2014.
Collins AM, Jones HDT, McBride RC, Behnke, CA, Timlin JA, “Host cell pigmentation in Scenedesmus dimorphus as a beacon for nascent parasite infection,” Biotechnology and Bioengineering, 111:9, 1748-1757, 2014.

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Reichardt, T., A. Collins, O. Garcia, A. Ruffing, H. Jones, and J. Timlin, “Spectroradiometric Monitoring of Nannochloropsis salina Growth”, Algal Research, 1:22-31, 2012.

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